High-Value Foundation Warranty

All work has a lifetime transferable warranty

All foundation repairs you’ll receive from B&P Foundation Repair are protected by a lifetime satisfaction warranty that’s transferable should you sell your home to a new owner. This warranty includes labor and materials on all of the work performed and is not limited to certain exclusions like most companies.  

You’ll also receive all foundation repair information, including foundation repair bids, contracts, and warranties, in writing so you can keep your records organized. If you ever encounter a problem with your foundation repair, you can show us your records so we can quickly process your warranty.

How we stand behind our foundation repair work

You’ll be pleased to know that B&P is the only foundation repair company that backs its warranty with more than a verbal promise. To make sure your warranty can be honored, we’ve established a foundation repair fund, which is only used to pay for foundation repair warranty claims. No matter what happens, the funds are there to pay for your warranty.

If you have any questions about your foundation repair warranty, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With our solid reputation for technical excellence, you’ll always receive outstanding customer service when you choose B&P Foundation Repair.


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Discounts are available for seniors, teachers, and military personnel.