Unshakeable Foundation Repair Services

Have your foundation inspected by the ZipLevel 2000 tool

Your residential or commercial property’s foundation is assessed by a ZipLevel 2000, the most modern tool in the foundation repair business. This tool will determine your foundation’s elevations and what area has shifted or failed. Once this is determined, we create a repair plan to suit your property’s specific needs.


You have nothing to worry about because your foundation will receive the highest quality materials for repairs, and all work comes with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Third party engineering and plumbing reports are also available with each repair job to put your mind at ease. Most repairs take 1-2 days.


In addition to your foundation, we’ll help with repairs to your property’s drainage, concrete flatwork (driveways, sidewalks, & patios), and retaining wall systems. Contact B&P Foundation Repair today!

Possible signs of a foundation issue:

  • Cracks in brick or mortar

  • Uneven or sticking doors

  • Wall cracks in the sheetrock

  • Fascia and frieze board separation

  • Doors sticking

We offer:

  • Concrete pressed pilings

  • Steel pilings

  • 3rd party engineering & plumbing reports

  • Financing with approved credit

  • Approved VA, FHA and HUD methods

Foundation problems are caused by soil’s continually expanding and contracting conditions, and the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex area has some of the worst soil conditions in the U.S. You can combat these soil and foundation issues by choosing B&P Foundation Repair.


Your home’s foundation repair is always approached with time-tested, field proven techniques and sound installation principles.

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Information regardingclay soils in Texas and why B&P Foundation Repair LLC can help solve your problem today!